Image by Joanna Kosinska


The Roots

Our online school was first opened in 2015, with a simple yet ambitious goal: to offer accessible, esoteric and witchcraft online courses that will explore the gems of ancient wisdom without unnecessary bias. We noticed how often esoteric and occult knowledge is lost in layers of preconceptions and we wanted to offer an alternative to everyone who felt the same.


Now, many years later, our Online Academy is an ever-growing family of students and courses that keeps attracting thousands of students each year, who seek ancient knowledge with a modern edge, offering a wide variety of online witchcraft and magick courses.


Who We Are


Author & Editor

A practitioner of the magical arts who enjoys helping people. A translator and editor of esoteric and occult books on Hermeticism.

His courses are focused on practical approach for those who are interested in meditation, energy work, and working with spirits.



Editor & Writer

Astrid aka The Psychic Witch is an acclaimed Tarot reader, Radio show host and Lecturer.

Having an experience in teaching physical classes in London as well as many years of sharing her knowledge online, she worked as a spiritual advisor for renowned clients such as the Tower of London, Penguin Random House Publishing, Park Plaza Hotel Westminster, Sternberg Clarke Entertainment and many others.