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 Practical step-by-step guides, no bias or fluff just practical magick and witchcraft.

Coming Soon - July 2024

The realm of the mystical is vast and filled with secrets just waiting to be uncovered. While we adore diving deep into these esoteric topics through our online courses, we've found that some enchanting subjects are better savored page by page.

This is why, in July 2024, we are thrilled to expand our Academy's horizons with an all-new collection of books that will illuminate the pathways of white magic, psychic development, tarot, and more.

Books will be available as both PRINT and E-BOOKS.

And just like our online courses, we're committed to making this knowledge accessible. We're conjuring up a price that's as friendly as our community, ensuring that these books are an affordable addition to your witchy library.

Prepare to be enchanted and mark your calendars for the grand unveiling in July 2024.

Until then, you can still join us in our other online course to weave together the threads of magic and community.

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