Video explaining some basic "how to" to take a shamanic style  journey, suitable for beginners to learn how to meditate and enter the trance meditation state.

Heartbeat is the rhythm that keeps as alive. It is very primordial sound that connects us to our ancestors, even those who may be gone for thousands of years.

This meditation drumming is very simple, yet powerful sound that can connect us to something very yet, yet deep and profound.

This is just very simple shamanic journey I have recorded. I thought. So it is only me, my 20 inch deer skin drum and a sound of a fire cracking. Sounds good? ;) This simple meditation starts with me drumming a heart beat, I would recommend to use this part to focus on your deep breath.

This one was a poll winner. I wanted to do something deep and strong, it seems like a lot of people are fighting some sort of negative energy in their life or a chains of a bad luck so I made this meditation to help to remove it. You may need to repeat the meditation weekly until the bad energy disappears.

Shamanic style journey to the Upper World. Traditionally this the world of light and spiritual guides that can offer advice and higher perspective on daily life problems.

This journey will speak to us in symbolic language, and may even need to go back to find the deeper meaning of a message or to ask clarifying questions, but we may get the right advice for us, that would be other difficult to obtain.

Shamanic journey to the Tree of Life. :) Use the first 10 beats to step deeper and deeper into imaginary cave or a tunnel or whatever you are using to enter the Other World. Includes call back at the end and some extra forest time to ground.

Calming and Soothing Anxiety Relief meditation with deep and slow drum sound. I made this video to calm down anxiety, to have a moment of meditation and to relax and enjoy the moment with some slow shamanic drumming. :)

I was recently thinking about the whole idea of deep soul and energetic healing a lot. It seems like a lot of people are nowadays dealing with some form of anxiety or stress. I think that spending time with phones and social media and not enough time in nature may be a contributing factor, so I took my drum and recorded this Deep Souls Healing Transmission... to reconnect with the primordial hum of the world and nature and to let it do its wonders.


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