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Learn the practical foundations of Modern Witchcraft and Magick in this step-by-step certified online course.

This course is a result of many years of experience with teaching Witchcraft and seeing the hurdles students are facing at the beginning of their journey. The aim was to create an online course that is not based on a specific witchcraft tradition, but instead gives students a solid foundation in the basic principles that many witchcraft traditions have in common. The course was designed to give students a head start on their own unique journey to discover their own magick.

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Learn how to feel and clairvoyantly see the electromagnetic field of an egg-like shape that surrounds the human body. This field is often called the Aura and was described by many cultures throughout centuries. Each Aura has a different color, thickness, brightness and even shape, which can offer deep insight into one's energetic make-up, personality, feelings, emotions, blockages, aspirations, and energy in general.

Now you can learn the techniques of magicians and witches to do magic for helping yourself and others! In magical circles, there is often a great deal of training that goes into becoming a practitioner of the magical arts, however, in this course, the practices and techniques have been distilled down so that you can learn what is essential for getting started and have the tools to build a foundation for continuing to do the work going forward.

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The aim was to make a course that would help and lead the students on their journey with extra sensory perception, without unnecessary bias and complexities. We will look at the essential skills that are needed for psychic readings, remote viewing, medium ship, and developing one's psychic intuition and how to put those new abilities to practice.
You don't need to have any special gifts or abilities to start with this online course, we believe that we all have an inborn ability to perceive extra-sensory energy, that can be trained, controlled and enhanced.

Just imagine what would you be able to do if you could access the "code" of the world around you! In this course, we will learn how to access, read, and alter the Akashic Records with the help of your personal Akashic Records Guide.

We will learn how to connect with your Akashic Records Guide, who will then work as a helper, advisor, and guide in your Hall of Records, where we will learn how to access the Records of events, people, and places.

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In this course, we will explore the magnificent world of Candle Magic(k) witchcraft. This is a very hands on and practical course that will guide you, step-by-step, through various types of candles, their colors, symbolism, and preparation for rituals. In the second part of this course, you will find 6 spells performed in real time, with each step being carefully explained, so you can start your own candle magic practice today.

A very hands on witchcraft course teaching how to prepare Candle Magic(k) rituals, spells, and manifest your wishes

Learn how to read, perform divination, create talismans, and do Magick with the Elder Futhark Runes.

In this practical course, you will learn how to connect with the ancient wisdom of the Elder Futhark Runes. This course is focused on the universal aspect of the Runes, which transcends culture and time, and speaks to the modern person the same way that it spoke to people hundreds of years ago.

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The Pendulum Foundation Course teaches how to use the pendulum for energy work, reading energy signatures from the pendulum's patterns, using the pendulum as a tool for relaxation, finding lost things, working with spirits and more!

Use the pendulum for dowsing, energy work, comunicating with spirits, and measuring energy in this certified course

Dive into the amazing world of Mediumship and learn how to be a mediator between the worlds of the living and the world of the dead. In this course, you will learn all the fundamental abilities that you'll need in order to perform a successful seance on your own, receive and pass on messages between the worlds, and how to interpret them with a clear mind.

We we also look at simple methods for verifying the validity of the messages that we receive, how to build our own Mediumhip workspace altar, and how to perform a simple candle spell for releasing a restless spirit.

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In this course Astrid is going deep into the territory of sigil creation. Sigil, the sentences of a desire transformed into a symbol, are the language of our unconscious and can be extremely powerful tool to alter your reality. In this course we will go through the basics of trance work, akashic meditations and understanding of the probability laws to cover more then just purely the mechanics of the sigil creation and help you to gain even more control over the whole process. This is very hands-on course with a lot of practice aimed activities and exercises as well as active trouble-shooting tips and further development ideas.

This course will lead you, step by step, through various practical exercises, starting first by relieving any tension that you might have from within, removing emotional attachments to your thoughts, developing focus and, finally, unblocking your path to having a successful meditation practice!

This is not your usual meditation course but a step-by-step meditation program, that will finally help you to achieve success in meditation.

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We will go through a range of more advanced psychic skills, such as Creative Clairvoyance, which we'll use to enhance our rituals, increase protection during rituals, or even to replace tools during our rituals. We will learn the basics of more advanced workings with spirits, such as Invocation and Evocation, discover the amazing power of mastering our Dreamscape, and the possibilities this can unlock. We will also learn a number of practical skills for everyday life, for example, using our psychic skills to communicate with animals, reading other people or for finding lost objects.