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4 Simple Full Moon Rituals for Witches

Simple full Moon Rituals

The Moon is a powerful companion of every witch and a lot of rituals and spells are best conducted around this time of the months. But sometimes there is no time nor the mood for an elaborate ritual that includes a circle, robe, candles, herbs and all sorts of other tools. In this article, we will look at 4 simple and non-complicated ways in which you can take advantage of the time during the Full Moon to help you get the most out of it, so you’re not left wondering, “what should I do?” and left scrambling, trying to figure it out what to do on the night of the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is a time in which the Moon is represented as whole, it is a time of manifestation and completion.

1. Allow Life to Reveal Itself (Through Introspection)

simple full moon ritual

First of all, the energy of the Full Moon is considered most active somewhere between the 3 days leading up to the Full Moon, during the time of the Full Moon itself, and the 3 days after the Full Moon. This means that there is roughly around a week in which the energy is very powerful during this time.

Lunar energy itself is often considered very reflective.

The Moon reflects the Sun’s rays like a mirror and projects it back out for all to be influenced by it. Therefore, it's a good time to take for introspection and journaling and to observe how the world acts around you during this time. You can get a journal and start writing down all the things you notice differently about this time during these days leading up to the Full Moon, during, and after, and how it makes you feel. This will give you an idea of how things manifest in your life using Full Moon energy.

2. Use the Full Moon’s Energy to Help You Finish Projects

moon tonight 2023

Now that you have an idea of how the energy is influencing things around you and within you, you can use this energy to help you finish projects. Having trouble finishing something? Use the incredible energy of the Waxing Moon to help get you through to the end. Transfer this extra energy into your projects, allowing the Full Moon to help manifest things for you by using its building energy to your advantage. The Full Moon is, again, a time of completion and manifestation, so you may find yourself naturally bringing things to completion even without realizing that it’s during the time of the Full Moon coming to completion. It can be a very motivating time, so take advantage of it and use that extra energy to help get you over the hill and overcome your obstacles like the sacred scarab.

3. Charging Crystals During the Full Moon

simple full moon ritual

Since the influence of the Full Moon is so powerful, you can actually use this energy to charge crystals during this time.

Since crystals are so receptive, you can charge them with the energy of the Full Moon every night leading up to the Full Moon, or, if you want, during the last few days before the Full Moon when the energy is most powerful.

And then, on the night of the Full Moon itself, you can use them for a working if you desire.

simple full moon rituals for solitary witch

4. Using Your Charged Crystals

simple full moon witch ritual

Now that you've charged your crystals during this phase of the Moon getting full, you can use them on the night of the Full Moon as a symbol of completion. Mainly, I recommend using them on areas where you feel you may have blockages. You can use the introspection recommended earlier to help assess where these blockages may be and place the charged crystals on those areas to help allow the darkness to come to light and use the night of the Full Moon to serve as a symbol of completion by finally letting go of the past and filling these areas up with radiating Lunar light.

Here’s to making the most out of your experience with the Full Moon.

Upcoming Full Moon dates for 2022 and 2023

upcoming full moon dates for 2023
  • December 7, 2022 (Cold Moon)

  • January 6, 2023 (Wolf Moon)

  • February 5, 2023 (Snow Moon)

  • March 7, 2023 (Worm Moon)

  • April 6, 2023 (Pink Moon)

  • May 5, 2023 (Flower Moon)

  • June 3, 2023 (Strawberry Moon)

  • July 3, 2023 (Buck Moon)

  • August 1, 2023 (Sturgeon Moon)

  • August 30, 2023 (Blue Moon)

  • September 29, 2023 (Harvest Moon)

  • October 28, 2023 (Hunter’s Moon)

  • November 27, 2023 (Beaver Moon)

  • December 26, 2023 (Cold Moon)


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