• Matthew Blankenburg

9 Reasons Why Spells and Manifestation Magick May Not Work

When it comes to successfully producing results with magick, this can sometimes be met with opposition and lessons along the way. Therefore, in order to help people get even better results with magick, we've decided to provide a list of different reasons why a person's manifestation or spell may not be working and what they can do for better results.

1. Unrealistic expectations.

You may have an idea about how things are supposed to be that may not line up with how reality it. Remember that with Magick, you are manifesting a reality that is not separate from the reality we are living in. In other words, you want your work to actually happen. This is why it's good to be aware of how natural and universal laws work, as this can be applied to your spell and manifestation work for results that are realistic.

2. Your spells or manifestation work need more time to manifest.

Basically, if you do a certain spell or set a certain intention, it can take time for it to come into your life, and sometimes this doesn't mean today, tomorrow, or even next week, sometimes it can take longer based on various factors, but, with patience, eventually the things you want will come.

3. Internal or external blockages that get in the way of your desire fully manifesting.

This is one of the biggest things of importance. Overcoming obstacles or blockages, internal or external. The more you're able to do this, the easier you'll be able to overcome situations and draw things in your life that you want.

4. Not using techniques in a way that will get effective results for the situation.

For example, you may think the solution requires a certain approach, but through experimentation, you may find that something else works better for you. Keep experimenting and finding different ways that work and that get you closer to what you want. This can also man incorporating different ideas but in a practical way. If you can take an idea and apply it practically, this becomes a practical technique too.

5. Not taking physical action

Manifestation Magick can certainly help get the ball rolling, but it's also important that you work to be active in whatever it is related to what you want. And this can include putting yourself in different situations to increase your chances for a better outcome.

6. Practice makes perfect!

Keep practicing and you will continue to get a better and better idea of how to manifest things. It's a skill that can be built up like any other skill and that can improve with practice over time and through understanding how universal laws work in accordance with the outcome of your spell work.

7. You may not be ready for it.

Sometimes you think an idea is good in theory, but it may not be the right time or the best thing in practice, and so, you may subconsciously resist the results that you want without realizing it or the energy of what you want may not line up with what you currently want to manifest. Keep meditating and contemplating on what you want and allowing the true energy to become more apparent so you can line up with it.

8. It's not actually something you really need and, therefore, you don't have enough desire to go through what it takes to fully manifest it into your life.

Desire is really important when manifesting. Without it, it's possible that something may not come to full fruition. Sometimes you may want something, but it's not as urgent, so you might not put as much effort into it. On the other hand, it may also be better for your manifesting because by being unattached, you can sometimes remove blockages that are created by wanting something too much. So, it's always good to find that fine line between not wanting something too much or too little with desire, but to approach it as naturally as anything else that you've received.

9. You get distracted throughout the day by thoughts and emotions that throw you off course from doing what is needed to fully attract or manifest what you want in life.

Distractions often pose big obstacles that get in the way of people finishing the things they've started and it can sometimes take work to stay motivated on the task at hand. The same is true for manifesting things into your life. But though persistence, you can continue to make more and more progress towards your goal as you keep working to overcome the obstacles along the way.

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