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Anatomy of a Witch by Laura Tempest Zarkroff : Book Review

A book about a very powerful, yet often neglected magical tool that we already have in our possession - our body. Another interesting book by established Witchcraft author, Laura Tempest Zakroff and published by LLewellyn Books Publishing.

Anatomy of a Witch by Laura Tempest Zarkroff
Anatomy of a Witch by Laura Tempest Zarkroff

Anatomy of a Witch is a very practical book, which focuses on the magical potential of our body and emotions. The author covers the magical significance of various parts of the body, like the heart, bones or lungs, but also provides practical exercises, rituals, activities, and sigils.

The approach of this book is fairly unique compared to the books that you can often find on Witchcraft in the book market today. Most literature on Witchcraft primarily focuses on the power of the mind or the power of the energy body, but rarely connects the two with the physical body. Even though this book isn't a comprehensive map of the energetic centers in the body, the focus is on the 5 aspects that make up the “essence” of a witch's body: The witch's lungs, the witch's heart, the serpent, the witch's bones, and the weaver, aka the mind.

This book offers a lot of beginner friendly activities for the reader to start harvesting its power.

And, as working with the body naturally starts with having a good relationship with it, the book itself is also centers around body positivity, and building up a good mental, emotional, and energetic link with your body as well as understanding its power and connection to various allegories, and also using the symbolism of the Tarot.

My favorite part of the book would be the wide range of practical activities offered, which goes beyond what most modern Witchcraft books offer. The book not only offers spells, but also various rituals, tips for talisman creation, a usable set of sigils, spirit work, and more.

My only small issue with this book was replacing the word "Ritual" with the word "Witchual," which I found gimmicky, but apart from the occasional gimmick, this book feels like a solid body of serious work that covers a rarely explored topic.

List of Chapters:


Chapter 1: Witch Lungs

Chapter 2: Witch Heart

Chapter 3: The Serpent

Chapter 4: Witch Bones

Chapter 5: The Weaver

Chapter 6: Loving the Magical Body

Chapter 7: Touch the Sky, Kiss the Earth

Chapter 8: Tending the Cauldrons

Chapter 9: Home Within the Temple

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