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Astrid on Arte TV - Talking About Rudolf II and Alchemy in Prague

Hello everyone!

I was recently collaborating with a EU based TV station called Arte TV and was featured in documentary about alchemy and alchemists in Prague. Mostly focused on Rudolf II but obviously not only him. The documentary is in German, or in French. (No English this time, sorry - but still fun to watch even of you can't understand the language)

Astrid on Arte TV - Talking about Rudolf II and Alchemy in Prague
Astrid on Arte TV - Talking about Rudolf II and Alchemy in Prague

I speak about the alchemist workshops in Prague during the times of Rudolf II and also about the esoteric meaning behind the Astronomical clock on Old Town Square and its link to the astrologers who used to live close by.

This was a fun day spend filming with very professional team, who were really trying to get into the local point of view on things.

You can watch it for free on the ArteTv website :

Astrid "The Psychic Witch"

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