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Golden Lenormand Oracle : Lenormand Deck Review

A very deluxe Lenormand deck published by Lo Scarabeo, featuring larger sized cards, imprinted with shiny gold dots.

Golden Lenormand Oracle : Lenormand Deck Review
Golden Lenormand Oracle : Lenormand Deck Review

This deck caught my attention some time ago, Lenormand card's market is wide but not as wide as Tarot. There simple isn't that many luxurious, large, gold, gift-ready Lenormand decks. This one comes in a nice sturdy box, has a nice little book coming with short descriptions of the cards and their combinations and the stock of the cards is nice, thick and well laminated.

Everything about this deck is high quality, higher end and clearly meant as an upscale Lenormand deck.

The card themselves are fairly large and quite glossy, they slide well during shuffling but may be bit more difficult to shuffle for people with smaller hands. Majority of the cards have large part of the card taken by the gold dots, to create a really shiny and opulent look.

The cards do not have the name of the card on them, only a number and a playing card equivalent. It keep the cards cleaner looking but may be more difficult for a beginner, who is not fully familiarized with the card names and their meanings.

Golden Lenormand Oracle : Lenormand Deck Review
Golden Lenormand Oracle : Lenormand Deck Review

However the main selling point, also becomes the main disadvantage of these cards, and that is : their size. They are simply too big, especially for the the Grand Tableau, which makes it bit difficult to turn them into "Work horse" Lenormand deck.

Their size pre-destined them for smaller spreads or even one card readings, here, their size works great, as it gives simple readings an aura of feeling bit more special.

The feel of the whole package is very high end, and they would make a great gift for a Lenormand lover, who is looking for more upscale looking deck and doesn't mind the bigger size.

Overall, I would say this deck is not for everyone, and it is not made to cover every need of a Lenormand Reader, but it does have it place and it can fill in gaps, that a more every-day deck would have a hard time to do.

Astrid "The Psychic Witch"

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