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How to Not Lose Focus With Magick in the Digital Age

It's no secret that people have less attention than ever due to the way things are with the internet, but how does this play out with magick? A lot of aspiring magicians spend their time on social media, and there is no problem with this. But, as you learn in the occult, too much of something can eventually lead to an imbalance, therefore, we need to pay attention to this so we don't limit our experience in life or compromise what we want with anything less.

Just like a spell, if someone has a certain intention and then they think about a bunch of different things at the same time, it may not lead to the most consistent outcome.

Therefore, it's really important, in magick, to make a budget for your attention, so to speak, and to cut out mindless "spending habits" when it comes to your thoughts, so that you have more focus to put towards accomplishing what you want.

Let me give you an example. I took a trip to Barcelona. It was incredible, but one thing about it was different from my normal day. When I went on my phone to look at whatever AI curated content would come up, it wasn't interesting. In fact, I felt like I could barely bring myself to use my phone at all. I only took one quick glance, now and then, to see that there was nothing really that interesting going on and it even made me realize things that I may not have thought about in such a way normally by seeing it from a different perspective. I will avoid going further into existentialism, but, mainly, I realized that I'm the one on vacation and I'm supposed to be having fun, not on my phone!

It showed me that people get used to the way their life is normally, and the news and everything continues perpetuating the same stories in the same cycles, and things can get stuck in a routine that becomes normalized, but then, one day, your life changes, and, suddenly, everything else seems boring in comparison because you're the one having fun and doing something different and exciting. It helped me realize that sometimes we get so used to the way our life is that we check social media or watch random stuff on YouTube to help break up the pattern of the day, even if we have fun and love what we do. And can even become hypnotized by it until we lose sight of the important things. But, when we should be having fun, we definitely should focus on that! Because if we spent our time looking at what other people were doing, it probably wouldn't mean we were having that much of a good time.

So, with magick, we need to stay focused.

Let's, then, look at distractions as something that doesn't align you with your goal. It could very well be that something very useful that seemed like a distraction, at first, could actually be in alignment with whatever you want to manifest in life and could even be something that you attracted to help your manifestation on its way. Therefore, distractions are sometimes subjective, as we can use our intuition to figure out which ones are helpful to us in this sense. Thus, we have to budget again so that we make time for certain things that are important. Sometimes distractions can be ok, if you can turn them into something that serves your purpose - to learn or to motivate you to achieve your goal. Then they aren't distractions anymore. And if we can occasionally do this for an amount of time that we previously assessed is profitable, and then put our attention back into what we're focusing on, then all the better.

And it may be that some people may want to manifest having more free time to enjoy being distracted by things. If that's the case, then it becomes entertainment. Or they may want something that, to them, might not seem as distracting as it may seem to you. Whatever the case may be, having direct focus on your goal is a practice in itself. And it all depends how you combine that focus with how you use time.

But, if you learn to budget what you spend your time focusing on, it's possible that you will have more of both to truly do what you want.

The point is to learn how to enjoy life in the moment, and to make the most out of your current experience because, if you're too focused on wanting other things, how will you truly enjoy what you want once you finally get it? When there are so many other things that you also want instead? Therefore, learn to find a balance between working towards what you want and enjoying life in the moment. Eventually, one day, the two will meet. Matthew

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