• Matthew Blankenburg

How to Give Spirits Offerings - Made Simple

Throughout history, people have given spirits different offerings, yet there has sometimes been a tendency to over complicate things.

This blog is intended to help keep it simple.

First of all, and chiefly, all that's being exchanged is energy. Meaning that by presenting spirits with offerings, you are simply supplying them with energy in condensed forms. While, for example, white light is more etheric and subtle, but still powerful and effective if you put enough energy into it.

Therefore, all that's required is blessing them with light. You can ask them what quality you might add to the light, for example, with "love." A lot of spirits like that.

And, in turn, and as a result of you blessing them with this energy, they will bestow it back unto you. Therefore, you learn the karmic result of your energy work by working with spirits.

Beyond this, and from my experience, not all spirits like incense. So, if you are intuitive, feel it out. But it may not be necessary to use it or offer it any.

Spirits also like sweets as they say, and chocolate is a very good offering to give, along with wine or grape juice if you don't drink.

Lastly, you can offer a spirit a candle with a color that corresponds to its sphere and with its name carved into it or symbols related to it.

For example, it's friday, the day of Venus. Therefore, you can present offerings to Venus. It doesn't have to be too elaborate from what I've mentioned:

  1. A square of chocolate 🍫

  2. A pour or two of juice in a glass 🍷

  3. A colored candle carved with its name and symbols if desired

  4. Incense, if it likes it

  5. Lastly, lighting the candle in love and gratitude to the spirit. 🕯️

  6. Your feelings of love and gratitude are a blessing to the spirit, but you can also charge the spirit along with its offerings by blessing them with energy, for example, white light, or however you desire to do so. 💖🌟

(Note: Wash any glasses or plates you may want to reuse after the offerings. Optionally, you can use glasses, plates, and trays specifically for offerings. Always try to intuitively feel out how much the spirit wants of each offering.)

From this, you can see that working with spirits is really intuitive work. But, the more you're able to perceive what it wants and how it wants it, the more rewarding it can be. And the better your life as you continue to build up this relationship over time.


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