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How to go on a Shamanic Style Journey

With recent popularity of various spiritual circles and meet-ups, very specific type of meeting seems to be in demand : so called Shamanic Journey or Pathworking visualizations. It can go by many names, but what stays is the scenario of such a meeting, which can be profoundly transformational.

A group of people, usually between the number of 5 to 20, get together, have a great time, create bond between each other and do some self-discover in the process.

Usually the group will first do some form of casual talking circle, and then continue with the preparation of the ritual. The attendees relax on pillows or floor and the leader of the ritual starts to drum on a Shamanic Drum {or talk, or both}, the sound of the drum induces state of a trance in the attendees and with their eyes closed, they tend to see visions, meet their spirit guides, visit Underworld or the Upperworld and so on, the options are endless.

These meetings may give an aura of mystique, like something that is only made for lucky few with some form of gift or already existing experience with Shamanic Journey or Pathworking. The truth is, we don't need any special gift or experience. On the contrary, this is something you can do even at home on your own - tonight!

Shamanic Journey or Pathworking can have really incredible effects - you don't need any extra substance to deepen the experience - your mind and the sound of drum is all that is needed.

The visions one can see during the Journey, can give important guidance, explanation of current events and trials we are going through and offer a direction forward towards change and evolution of our soul. The most important prerequisite for such a journey is an open mind and willingness to change one's ways, the willingness to lean and adapt.

I have done a short and practical video, where the whole process of a shamanic journey from start to end is explained, together with some other important aspects like how to understand the trance state and the transformation such a simple Visualization can create.


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