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How to Set a Powerful Intention for Successful Spells

When it comes to manifestation and setting an intention to have a successful outcome with magick, a lot of times people might not know how to approach it in the most effective way. They might have an idea of different spells they can use, along with different techniques, but, quite often, it's the right kind of preparation that will help someone to be successful when it comes to magickal workings.

Now, what might some of those preparations be? Let's look at some of them more closely.

First of all, you want to have an idea about what you want to manifest. It doesn't necessarily need

How to Set a Powerful Intention in Order to Make Your Spells Successful

to be totally 100% clear, because you'll never run out of things that could potentially go right or wrong. Things that you might forget to think about when putting your working together.

That being said, sometimes it can be good to not necessarily be too specific, because this opens you up for more possibilities when it comes to the thing you want to come into your life.

If it has to meet incredibly specific requirements, it may take longer or may be more difficult to manifest when it might be possible to obtain it through simpler, more relaxed means.

So it's good to at least have a general idea of the things that make up what you want and to be open minded rather than setting rigid expectations.

Take as much time as you'd like for this. Write your ideas down that collectively make up what you want.

And, secondly, it's good to have an openness to receive beyond what you think you want for yourself. To be open to allow the universe to help give you what you desire on a subconscious level, and deeper than what you think you desire on a conscious level.

It's possible that you have a conscious idea of what you want, but, in your subconscious, you already have a full and complete understanding of what would be best for you.

intention for witchcraft spells

Which brings us to the third preparation — studying your dreams. Your dreams will tell you everything about yourself. And your dreams will help you to solve problems in life that are uniquely yours. If you can understand your dreams, you can understand yourself on the deepest levels and this can lead to an even deeper and more meaningful manifestation if you're working to fulfill something on your deepest level of fulfillment, as opposed to something more surface level that seems good in theory, but may not be what you truly want at the core of who you are.

If you have difficulty when it comes to analyzing dreams, a similar result can be achieved through introspection, such as journaling and writing about your thoughts, feelings, etc.

If you're able to enter into a deep state of relaxation while doing this, it can help you access a deeper level of awareness that can help you find even more things about yourself, somewhere between conscious introspection and subconscious dreams.
intention for spells

This last point may seem arbitrary, but it can be very useful because you may try to manifest something that might come to you from the perspective of your blockages or a misunderstanding of what having something feels like.

Allow yourself to be open to things happening naturally, and to receive what the universe is willing to bring you if it aligns with what you're looking for. Sometimes, it may not seem exactly like what you want, but it may end up aligning more closely with what you need.

Sometimes it's best to just let the universe bring what you're ready for and to enjoy it.

Practice will help you understand how to manifest better, as you'll see things come into your life that energetically match up with your spell work. And, when you see these things come up, you will continue to get better at taking initiative in order to follow them through to their completion.

Now, beyond the above mentioned points, there are, as said before, many techniques that can be done to help manifest things. For example:
  • Meditation to help clear the mind of distracting thoughts so you can fully focus on your desires.

  • Concentration, especially on your desire to help focus the energy of your thoughts onto its completion.

  • Rather than wanting your desire, imagine that you're experiencing already having it.

  • Finally, take action to carry it out.

intention setting for witchcraft

It's important to follow spells with doing the physical work or taking action in the world or in situations related to the spell is very important because it increases your chances for something related to it to manifest into your life.

Keep yourself open. Allow things to come into your life rather than forcing them. Use your intuition to weigh out your best options.

When done, thank yourself and the universe for making your manifestations come true, or, if they were yet to be fully realized, it's still good to show gratitude when there is at least some partial success because, on a subconscious level, it reminds you that you're moving in the right direction, and it's also a great way to send some positive energy back to the universe for working with you to help bring you what you desire into your life. Even if what you want may not be the best thing for you, that's how much the universe respects your desires and free will.


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