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Intuitive Psychic Mediumship Course

Are you looking for an online course to help you learn about Intuitive Psychic Mediumship? With the right guidance, you can unlock the power of the spiritual world and become a skilled Psychic Medium. With this course, you will learn how to use your innate intuitive abilities to connect with the spirit world and gain powerful insights to help yourself and others.

You’ll learn how to sense, interpret and deliver spiritual messages, how to use and trust your intuition, how to protect yourself psychically, and how to become a professional psychic medium. With this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of psychic mediumship, and gain the confidence and skills to use it as a powerful tool in your life. Sign up now and start your journey to becoming an intuitive psychic medium.

psychic mediumship online course
Become a medium, who can communicate with spirits of various origins, helping to bring closure or to gain some information or guidance, that could be otherwise lost forever.

We we also look at simple methods for verifying the validity of the messages that we receive, how to build our own Mediumhip workspace altar, and how to perform a simple candle spell for releasing a restless spirit.

Suitable for complete beginners to intermediate level.

In this Mediumship Course you will learn how to:

⭐ Learn how to connect with the spirits of your ancestors through your psychic senses

⭐ Use your psychic senses to receive psychic mediumship messages

⭐ Become a mediator between the world of the living and the dead

⭐ A simple candle spell to banish or release restless souls

⭐ Grounding and cleansing rituals

⭐ How to use the Pendulum with psychic mediumship

⭐ Combining psychic mediumship with other spiritual tools like Tarot, Runes, or Oracle cards

⭐ Conducting seances for other people or paying clients

⭐ Interpreting messages clearly without tinting them with everyday perceptions

⭐ Developing your psychic senses and visualization

This course includes a whole lesson dedicated to tips and tricks on how to read for other people, including paying clients.

Intuitive Mediumship Course

All of our courses are certified video courses with manually issued e-certificates.

Join the class today and let's start this exciting adventure together! : )


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