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Tarot Masterclass: Learn Tarot Reading in 20 Days

Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of the tarot and learn how to use it to access your intuition and spiritual guidance? Intuitive Tarot Masterclass online course is the perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals of tarot in just 20 days, intuitively and without intimidation.

Intuitive Tarot Masterclass: Learn Tarot Reading in 20 Days

Become an Intuitive Tarot Reader in 20 Days.

This Masterclass in Intuitive Tarot is focused on breaking down the complex systems of the Tarot into bite-sized, actionable steps. Connect with the cards on a deep, intuitive level, explore the Tarot as a map of the Universe and develop your own unique style of reading.

"Good Tarot Readers learn and read mechanically, brilliant Tarot Readers learn and read intuitively."

Work your way through the daily activities of this course and you'll be reading Tarot cards with ease - and without mechanical memorization, frustration, bias, or feelings of intimidation and being overwhelmed!

Tarot is now understood as much more than just a simple fortune telling tool, as it holds great wisdom and can provide valuable advice and deeper insight into the steps you can take to work towards manifesting your full potential. It helps us to understand the what and why that we're going through and the path that's best for us to choose from in our current circumstances.

Intuitive Tarot Masterclass: Learn Tarot Reading in 20 Days

In this course, you will gain a comprehensive overview of the tarot and its symbolism. You will learn how to interpret the cards, their symbolism, and how to combine their meanings to gain insight into a situation and offer guidance.

You will be guided through the process of reading tarot intuitively and learn how to access your own inner wisdom when interpreting the cards.

Each day you will be presented with new material and will have the opportunity to explore the tarot through the use of practical exercises.

" Get clarity on any situation, at any time and with confidence as a tarot reader. "

In this Tarot course you will find:

⭐ Close to 7 hours of on-demand Video lessons

⭐ Downloadable Charts with Keywords, so you never go blank in a reading again

⭐ Downloadable empty Charts to create your own "Library of Meanings"

⭐ Daily activities for each day of learning for more intuitive hands-on learning

⭐ Tips on how to effectively overcome the most common obstacles

⭐ An example of an Intuitive Reading, explained step-by-step

⭐ Tips on how to choose your first Tarot deck, and which ones to avoid

⭐ Downloadable Tarot Spreadsheet to answer almost any question

⭐ Learn how to confidently read in a "Freestyle" way for more intuitive readings

This course is perfect for both complete beginners looking to learn the basics of tarot and experienced readers wanting to deepen their understanding of the tarot.

Intuitive Tarot Masterclass: Learn Tarot Reading in 20 Days

All of our courses are certified video courses with manually issued e-certificates.

Join the class today and let's start this exciting adventure together! : )


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