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Magical Use of Bay Leaves

Bay leaves (Laurus nobilis) are a common ingredient of various spell bags, spell jars and candle spells. But why exactly are we using them and what energy do they bring into the spell?

I can start with letting you on a secret. You already know how to magically use the Bay leaves! :) It may help if I give you another name you can find them under: Laurel leaves.

Laurel leaves has been a long time used as a symbol of victory, overcoming obstacles and getting your wishes granted. You can even find a character wearing the laurel leaves crown on the 6 of wands tarot card, repressing the final victory after a series of battles.

The laurel leaves crown has been connected to the myth of the Sun God Apollo, and his undefeated love for Daphne, but it soon became the crown of choice for emperors and kings alike to signified their success in defeating some level of opposition to their own wishes and will.

The magical use of the bay leaves is very much aligned with the same idea. That is why they are often used as an extra ingredient in manifestation spells or spells to overcome obstacles and blockage removing spells. They helps to grant wishes and move you closer to hard-to-get goals. It is also potent protection herb used in spell, that protect you from an enemy or a negative influence.

They make a great talisman herbs, so they are often used in a spell bags, that you can carry around.

Spell Ideas for Bay Leaf:

  • "Turn your luck around" Candle spell with green candle, bay leaf and citrines (if you can find some good luck charms, can be your local folk ones, spread them around the candle)

  • "Being Victorious" spell bag talisman with bay leaf, Thyme and juniper berries

  • "Wall of protection" spell jar with bay leaves, obsidian stones, evil eye beads, thyme and rosemary, optionally can be added a scroll with your name, layout of the flat or house or a sigil depending on what or who you want to protect.

Best Moon Phases for magical workings with Bay Leaves: Full Moon for Manifestation and Victory, New Moon for protection and banishing.

Correspondences: Sun, Leo , Fire Element, Masculine

And don't forget to support your magical efforts with taking everyday life actions towards your goals - as they say you should not rest on your laurels.

Astrid "The Psychic Witch"

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