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The Manifestation Power of the New Year's Resolution

At the beginning of the year, many are making decisions about their New Years resolution, but, with this seemingly magical act, they do so without realizing the principles of the New Years resolution itself. Lets have a look at the manifestation Power of the New Year's Resolution.

The New Year has this monumental energy that comes with it that helps people feel that they can overcome their resistance to whatever they want, yet this kind of feeling should continue to be cultivated long after the spell has worn off for most people.

People can ride the initial wave, but they need to be able to keep swimming without requiring the collective assistance of others helping them. To be enough by themselves.

People tend to lack the initiative to do something without someone else doing it first. Thus, this initial burst leads to people clammering to start something like everyone else, at the same time, but whose effort wanes with the tide. You need to not be like those people, but to train yourself, to separate yourself from this way of dependently going along with things as if it could be a strategy that could work or get successful results on its own.

You always have to go beyond what the collective is collectively doing. Otherwise, no one will see the difference in it from anyone else.

You also want to be more independent and free from any other currents but your own desires, so you're not just going along with other people. Thus, the initial creative burst comes and you can ride with it like everyone else, not going against the current, but when people stagnate as they will or lose motivation, you need to maintain pursuing your desire well into its completion and beyond it.

The question is not "Do you have the drive to start something?" But "Do you have the drive to successfully carry it out?"

Very similar to the New Moon. That beginning manifestation period whose nature is to be filled up with creative desire that always grows until the full moon or the next full moons until it can be reaped.

And just as a lot of businesses don't succeed, neither will some people's manifestations if they don't carry them out, not only to their completion, but continue to build and expand further beyond even the original concepts that they conceived, which are learned through experience of pursuing it.

Let us contemplate these kinds of principles and use them to our advantage in the coming year ahead. To rise, not only with the collective tides, but to take our own initiative, to "turn the tide" if we have to, and to reap the rewards along the way.


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