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The Secret Meditation with the Voynich Manuscript

Voynich, Voynich, Voynich… what to do with you, you headache inducing parchment! Are you actually of any value? 😀 Well no matter which side of the Voynich barricade you are on, the Voynich is now online for everybody to download, to zoom on and enjoy.

Voynich manuscript is often called, the most mysterious text of all times. It has been written in coded language, which is yet to be de-code. It is also filled with symbolism and illustrations, we are also yet to understand.

It appeared most likely for the first time in Prague, in the collection of alchemy loving emperor Rudolf II. We know its story from this point onward with good precision, we have an account of all the people throughout the centuries, who spent their lives and money trying to decode it. However, the fact that is such a mysterious text, may be a challenge for a code-breakers but it also makes it a blessing for training psychic abilities and clairvoyance!

I can recommend something, that I have done with it myself – and that was a Meditation on unknown symbol - a Secrets Revealing Meditation. It is designed as a practice to enhance clairvoyance, but a great advice and knowledge can be obtained through it too.

First – You pick a symbol – from any part of the Voynich – and you start to concentrate on it. Breath deeply, and keep you mind empty - apart from the symbol you are focusing on. It may take over 5 to 10 minutes of breathing and focusing, don't be afraid to take your time. Especially rationally minded people will have the tendency to rationalize the symbol – “this could be this” , “this could be that”… forget about reason, just let the symbol trigger visions and embrace irrationality, that it will bring – if you will follow the flow of the visions you will most likely find something interesting at the end. 🙂

Every irrationality has rationality at the end of the tunnel and vice versa.

Ps: There is a small trick, that can help to trigger the information coming. Keep focusing on the symbol, than look away for a short moment and the look quickly back. Notice what was naturally the first thought that came into your mind after looking back at it.

And Here is the link for the high Resolution scans of the Voynich Manuscript:

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