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The Way Reality Reflects our own Energetic Make-up

Our reality is a mirror, to who we are, what we want, and where our energy is out of balance. It is a detailed analysis of our energetic make-up, that is right in front of our eyes, 24 hours a day. Yet, most people seem to fail to fully utilize this powerful tool for self-transformation, which seems to be so obvious yet not obvious at all.

We often observe how our body reflects the way we eat. If we consume healthy foods and drink a lot of water, we feel great. When we eat a lot of highly processed food, our body is tired, slow, filled with toxins and mall nourished. This appears to be a piece of general knowledge, that most people are aware of and would not find it surprising.

Food, as nourishment for our bodies on the physical plane, offers very tangible and usually pretty visible results that are hard to ignore or misinterpret.

It is most likely this physicality of food, that gives it the benefit of visibility.

But what about our other bodies? Astral - emotional- and mental? They obviously work on the very same principle, yet very few people worry about what they consume on those levels. We know we have to clean our physical body, after some time of use. But we rarely think about cleansing our mental body or emotions.

It is not hard to see, where this will lead to.. to a very similar place where unwashed body, filled with unhealthy food will go. Not a great place of course. What is worse, every energetic make-up will create a corresponding reaction of its surroundings, just like the world will react to the state of the physical body. These reactions will be more subtle and may be harder to detect. They can manifest as a variety of issues for example career problems, unhealthy relationships, lack of progress, unhealthy stagnation, just to name e a few.

But the real question now is, what to do with it? How to resolve this?

The first step should be a thoughtful analysis of any patterns you can spot in your life, situations you keep encountering again and again. After this, it is time for a constant awareness of what you consume on an emotional and mental level. Especially in modern days of the internet and social media, which are the energetic equivalent of a low-quality, processed fast food. Frequent relaxation, grounding practice, and spending time in nature is a great equivalent of shower and cleansing for the subtle bodies.

Every time you think about a balanced diet for your body, also think about a balanced diet for your emotions and mental body.

Astrid "The Psychic Witch"

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