• Astrid The Psychic Witch

What is White Magick?

White magic is an excellent practice, mostly because there’s no problem with worrying about negative karma and things coming back on you if you use and develop your morals in a direction in which you make accurate decisions in life as this will reflect in the magic you’re doing.

Ultimately, with white magic, you are working towards helping other people, but also yourself! It’s really important not to forget this, because one can expend too much energy for others and forget themselves. Through this process, we can weaken ourselves unnecessarily for the good of others, so even though there may be good intentions behind it, it’s important to find balance in the good acts we do for people and this can mean doing things for ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with this and it should be encouraged more in the community to focus on ourselves first. But, for some reason, there is a tendency to confuse doing good for others with ourselves as something difficult. Really, there’s nothing bad about doing magic for oneself, really it’s a good practice to have to be focused more on oneself than others because, from this, one can really grow, and then we become more helpful in the process.

As of right now, while reading this, how helpful are these words to you? Do they draw any inspiration in you? Or perhaps they’re too subtle and not tapping deeper into what you’re looking for. What are you looking for? This all requires you to take time with yourself in order to know for sure! But, if I was to take time to lecture here, I would say that the best way to go about instructing someone right now is to take time to reflect on their personal qualities and to build a better idea, more and more, of who one is.

This, in and of itself, is white magic, on the premise that it helps yourself, just as much as it can help those in your presence. Even a little character building can go a long way in this process on the magical road of personal development. And so, with that, I leave you with this today to consider. Of what magic truly is. Perhaps it is not what other people think it is so regularly, but perhaps it has more to do with who we are without obtaining anything outside ourselves.


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