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What Time of Day is Best for Casting and Manifesting Spells?

Despite the appeal, and indisputable power of the moon's phases, if you are looking to work magick today, it won't do you much good to wait for the lunar cycle to change. Instead, link your magick to the days of the week or learn to use the times of the day. We offer guidance on using the sunrise, noon, sunset, and midnight, to do rituals and cast spells and how to use them to replace moon phases in a spell.

Working Magic during a Sunrise: Manifestation

For those of us who are not morning people, it may be necessary to alter our routine to be able to make the most of the sunrise for magical purposes. Iif you want to utilize the sunrise for its power to bring a new beginning or clarity to something that feels complex or unknown, it could be incredibly effective. Some common intentions for sunrise magic include: new possibilities, love, peace, health, friendship, job transitions or advancements, monetary assistance, and spiritual growth. This would be the alternative to a waxing moon spell.

Increasing the Strength of Noon Spells and Rituals

Noon magic is about equilibrium, but it can also be used to reinforce any magical aims, especially when drawing things to you like love, accomplishment, cash, etc.

Start any conscious drawing spell before noon and finish it at the noon hour. Any ambitions to discard something or send away something commence at the noon hour and end after (e.g. expelling bad practices, damaging relationships, etc.)

The noon magical hour brings harmony to any scenario and intensifies any aim and can work as an alternative to a full moon ritual or spell.

The Moment of Sunset is the Ideal Time to Bid Farewell

At sunset, you can let go of any part of your life that you are prepared to move past.

The setting sun will represent the end of your old lifestyle, relationship, career, and so on.

If you want to put a spell to rest, it is suggested to bury it in the west, where the sun will set every day. Sunset magic is all about bidding farewell and removing things from your life. It can bring tranquility and healing, as well as shield you from adversaries and unwelcome interference. Some magic intentions that can be done at sunset include: banishing, binding, healing, protection, peace, rest and more. Sunset can be an alternative to a new moon or waning moon spell or a ritual.

The Witching Hour for Casting Spells

It is widely believed that the best time to perform a spell is at the midnight hour. This period is often referred to as the 'witching hour'. During this time, the veil between our world and the spiritual realm is said to be at its thinnest, making it easier for magical energies to flow. Many practitioners believe that spells cast at this time are more powerful, and more likely to be successful.

The witching hour of midnight has had a long association with the supernatural and sorcery. According to beliefs, this is the time when the spiritual world begins to take action and the energy shifts. Similar to beginning positive spells before midday and concluding them at midday, the same can be done with midnight spells. Likewise, to terminate something, one can start at midnight and end after.

Just like noon, midnight can serve as a replacement for either full moon or a new moon ritual depending on the type of the spell you are creating.

best time for spells

How to choose the right time of the day for my spell?

How to choose the right time of the day for my spell?

I am often asked which time of day is best for casting and manifesting spells. And my answer is simple - it depends on the nature of the spell and your personal preference. Some spells are best cast during the day, when the energy of the sun is at its peak, while others are more effective at night when the energy is more receptive. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you determine which time is best for your spell.

For instance, if you are performing a spell to attract love or prosperity, casting it during the day when the sun is shining bright can amplify the energies associated with these intentions. On the other hand, if you are casting a spell to banish negative energy or unwanted influences, doing it during the night when the moon is high can help you tap into the mysterious and powerful energies of the night.

In conclusion, the time of day you choose to cast your spell depends on your intentions and personal preferences. However, it is always important to choose a time when you can focus your energy and intention fully on the spell, without any distractions. So, whether you prefer the light of day or the mysteries of the night, choose the time that resonates with you and let the magic unfold!

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