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Clairvoyance and Psychic Development Online Course

Learn how to read auras, do remote viewing, develop your intuition and psychic abilities with our Clairvoyance and Psychic Development Online Course.In this course, we will look at practical methods on how to develop, train, and control your psychic abilities. My aim was to make a course that would help and lead the students on their journey with extra sensory perception, without unnecessary bias and complexities. I believe that anyone can develop these skills and benefit from their awesome power!

Clairvoyance Online Course

We will look at the essential skills that are needed for psychic readings, remote viewing, and developing one's psychic intuition and how to put those new abilities to practice.

You don't need to have any special gifts or abilities to start with this online course, I believe we all have an inborn ability to perceive extra-sensory energy, that can be trained, controlled and enhanced.

In this Online Course you will learn how to:

⭐ Develop clairvoyant psychic abilities

⭐ Learn how to do remote viewing

⭐ Read and analyze people's auras

⭐ Connect with spirits through mediumship

⭐ Learn how to read objects through psychometry

⭐ Learn how to open and close down psychic reading

⭐ Spiritual Protection and Cleansing

⭐ Test your newly trained abilities in Test videos

⭐ Establish a contact with your spirit guides

This course include over 4 hours of on-demand video lessons, which are completely self-paced.

All of our courses are certified with manually issued e-certificates.

Join the class today and let's start this exciting adventure together! : )


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