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How to Protect Yourself from Spiritual Parasites

Life's journey is often dotted with unseen challenges. Among these are spiritual parasites – entities that can affect our energy and well-being without us being overtly aware of their presence. I've spent years mastering protection techniques to avoid the harmful effects of these beings, and I've learned that understanding them is the first step in keeping oneself safeguarded. So let's delve into this hidden world together.

Understanding Spiritual Parasites

Spiritual parasites, much like their physical counterparts, are entities that attach themselves to a host and extract vital energy. They might not be tangible in the conventional sense, but their effects can be just as real and damaging. In my journey, I've found that these energies or entities can come from various sources, including negative thought forms, emotional trauma, or even from the presence of malevolent spirits.

However, I've found that the key to overcoming these unwelcome guests lies in recognizing that everything is energy, and that our thoughts, emotions, and intentions all emit vibrations that can attract or repel different forms of energy. Spiritual parasites thrive on low-frequency energies, which are often produced by fear, anger, or sadness. So, by understanding this, I've learned to be more conscious of my emotional and energetic output and to not operate on a level of thinking, feeling, and acting that would be on their level.

Many are familiar with the law of attraction. Like attracts like, as they say, and this principle holds true in the spiritual realm as well.

When a person's vibration is low, they're more likely to attract entities that resonate with that frequency. It's almost not even the being's fault, but universal laws!

And a universal truth that has led me to being more vigilant about maintaining a high vibrational state, which I will go into more detail about here when I discuss various practices that you can do to help you in the same way.

Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Parasites

Identifying the presence of spiritual parasites can be difficult, as the symptoms are often subtle, however, from my observations, common indicators might include that you notice changes in your thoughts and behaviors. Negative thought patterns may become more persistent. You may also feel as if something is pushing you away from your natural state of balance, almost as if you're wrestling for control over your own mind and body.

It's as though one's life force is being siphoned away, leaving a hollow shell behind.

Another telling sign is a consistent streak of bad luck or a series of unfortunate events. It can feel as if a dark cloud is hovering over your life, casting a shadow on everything you do.

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In my experience, this isn't just a run of misfortune; it's an energetic disturbance that needs addressing.

Types of Spiritual Parasites

In my study of the ethereal, I've come to recognize that the most common spiritual parasite are thought forms, which are essentially bundles of negative energy that can attach to your aura. They can originate from your own thoughts or from other people's thoughts that you may pick up around you. Imagine them as clouds of darkness that latch onto your light, seeking to dim it.

Then there are more malevolent entities, such as demonic energies or dark spirits. These are rarer but far more dangerous. They intentionally seek to harm or manipulate their host for their own purposes. It's a chilling reality, but one that must be acknowledged in the realm of spiritual hygiene.

Maintaining Spiritual Hygiene

Much like physical hygiene, maintaining spiritual cleanliness is an ongoing process. It's important to be consistent with your practices and to remain vigilant about your energetic environment. In general, I make it a point to check in with myself daily about:

  1. Having a regular meditation practice to check in with my inner state and rebalance myself if needed.

  2. Scanning my energy field for any signs of imbalances or attachments.

  3. Engaging in regular self-reflection and shadow work to further strengthen spiritual defenses.

By confronting and healing your own inner darkness, you make it more difficult for negative energies to try and latch on.

Cleansing for Spiritual Protection

Cleansing is a powerful act of spiritual hygiene. One of my favorite ways of approaching this is using incense. The smoke is used to clear away negative vibrations and to purify a space that you're in. I make it a habit to use incense regularly, especially after having visitors, due to any outside energies they may bring in that could come in conflict with the balanced energy that I cultivate in my home. It's not really the guests' fault, but just something they bring with them, unknowingly a lot of the time, though sometimes they're aware of it and may want help with it. There are also other ways of practicing cleansing that do not involve using smoke, which others find useful.

Salt baths are another great cleansing technique. After a hard day in particular, salt baths are many people's go-to. This is because salt is known for its purifying properties, and soaking in a salt bath can help draw out the negative energies from a person's aura. I often add essential oils, such as lavender or eucalyptus for their additional calming, protective, and banishing qualities.

Finally, using crystals for protection can support your energetic cleanliness. Stones, such as black tourmaline, amethyst, tiger's eye, and many others are known for their protective qualities. I keep these crystals around my home and sometimes carry them with me if I want a little extra protection and especially when I'm going into energetically dense environments, such as big cities, where there are a lot of people and different energies.

Banishing Spiritual Parasites

The process of banishing these parasites begins with the intention of doing so. Setting a strong, clear intention to remove any and all negative energies from your space is like getting the momentum started so you can start moving in the direction of your goal.

Next, I've found visualization to be a potent tool. Visualizing a bright light emanating from within, expanding to fill your entire aura and beyond, can help dislodge and dissolve unfavorable energies due to higher frequencies.

In addition, calling upon higher powers for assistance can be incredibly effective against these so-called "lower powers." Whether it's your spirit guides, angels, or any other benevolent beings that you may believe in, their support can amplify your effort and provide additional protection. Sometimes it can be nice to remember that we're never truly alone in our struggles and that we don't have to do everything ourselves.

Protective Measures Against Spiritual Parasites

To prevent future issues, protective measures are helpful. Building upon the previous advice I've given about cultivating a positive mindset and energy work practices, creating a protective shield around your aura is a technique that I recommend practicing regularly. This practice requires a bit more time and focus than the previous practice of expanding your energy outward from within in order to help solidify the energetic shield. To do so, envision a sphere of light encircling around you. This naturally attracts higher-level vibrations as well and helps keep negative energies and situations at bay. However, I will say that if you're in a terrible situation, it can also help lead to you eventually getting out of it and finding something better, as sometimes the best you can do in certain situations is move onto something better that matches your truest desires.

And because maintaining a high vibrational frequency is also key. Engaging in activities that bring you joy, surrounding yourself with positive people, and maintaining positive thoughts all contribute to having a radiant energy field that's less susceptible to negative attachments.

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Protecting yourself from spiritual parasites is an ongoing process that requires vigilance, energetic hygiene, and figuring out when it's important to maintain energetic boundaries. However, through consistent practice, you can strengthen your spiritual defenses, making you far less susceptible than most people.

Remember that you hold the power to protect and free yourself from these unseen forces, while also having the freedom to improve your defenses over time through continuous effort that will refine your skills. In this way, you can help ensure that you're doing the things that you feel are most aligned with your best intentions and true will.


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