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Algiz : The Rune of Protection

Modern day runes are known to be a rendering of an ancient alphabet carved into small stones or wood pieces for the purpose of divination, spells, or talisman creation. One of the easiest runes to work with, magically, is the Algiz rune, which represents "protection." Let's have a look at its meaning and some practical use ideas.

Each rune represents an unchanging constant, a principle that's part of the mechanics of the very core of the material world. It is a beautiful way how to quite literally have the whole world in the palms of your hands.

Runes, however, can be used for more than just divination or collecting wisdom. If one learns how to work with the classic runes of the Elder Futhark runic alphabet, they can tap into the runic current from which the runes' magic can positively affect and change one’s life through one’s experiences with them. Runes make a wonderful talismans or spell ingredients.

Algiz Rune meaning and use for protection

Algiz Rune can be turned into a talisman by simply carrying it around in your pocket or drawing the symbol onto objects that you would like to energetically protect.

Runes are quite simple symbols to make, the process of carving or drawing your own can be turned into a beautiful ritual on its own.

You can also charge this rune with the intention of protecting yourself, an object, or a person. And it's also the rune of courage and bravery, so it can additionally be used as a personal talisman to invoke these qualities within you, perhaps before facing a challenging situation.

In spell bags and spell jars, Algiz rune pairs very well with the herb Thyme as they both represent the energy of bravery and obsidian stones, as they represent protection.

Because of their deceptive simplicity, runes can sometimes just take a little bit more effort to penetrate into, as there's an endless depth of meaning hiding within them, which may not always be apparent at first glance, as their limitless treasures are waiting to be revealed to those who seek them.

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