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Horned God: A Guide to Connection with the wild Wicca God

The Horned God is an ancient god, seldom worshiped today but still present within the folklore of many cultures. He is one of the oldest deities known to humanity and a staple of Scandinavian mythology. The Horned God’s name has varied from culture to culture, being known as Cernunnos in Celtic lands, Kolkolom in India and even the Pale Horseman of American Folklore. This article will discuss everything you need to know about this mysterious deity, including his origins and his worshipers today.

horned god celtic wicca god

A Brief History of the Horned God

The worship of the Horned God is an ancient one, The Horned God is a deity who existed throughout most of the Indo-European period, from about the 5th century BC to the late 1st century AD. The myths around his existence span a few millennia, with the earliest stories having been penned by the Celtic Druids. He was seen as a symbol of power and strength, and was seen as a protector of herds, crops and animals. He was also seen as a symbol of fertility and was thought to bring the rain, which was a vital resource for agriculture.

The Horned God made his way into many cultures and religions, from the Celts to the Norse.

He was known by many names, including Cernunnos and Pan. In Wicca, he is most often paired with the goddess, and is seen as a symbol of masculine energy, strength and passion.

How to Worship the Horned God

horned god celtic wicca god

If you wish to worship the Horned God, you will need to first understand a few facts about him. He was a god of the forest, so naturally, he had an affinity for nature. You will want to focus on the many aspects of nature that are associated with the Horned God, including vegetation, animals, the seasons and even the stars. You will want to consider the Horned God as a fertility deity, so you would want to include offerings of fruits and even grains. You will also want to focus on the connection between the Horned God and the natural world. You can do this in many ways, including through astrology, mythology, astronomy and even artworks.

The final aim of worship is for the individual to gain insight into their relationship with the Horned God and achieve a greater connection with him in return

Symbolism of the Horned God

horned god celtic wicca god

The symbol of the Horned God is a pair of antlers fused together at the base, often with a twisting vine coming out of each tip. This is a very ancient symbol, having been used in various cultures around the globe since the dawn of time. The symbolism of the Horned God is fairly straightforward. He is a deity of nature and power and his symbols showcases this idea perfectly.

Symbolic Plants: Grains, Oak, Ivy, Mistletoe, Juniper

wicca horned god worship

Here are some ideas for how to honor the Horned God:

1. Spend Time in Nature: The Horned God is often seen as a symbol of the wild, and spending time in nature is one of the best ways to connect with him. This can include anything from a day in the woods to a daily walk.

2. Make an Offering: Offerings can be a great way to honor the Horned God. Offerings can include anything from crystals and stones to food and drink. Whatever you choose to offer, make sure to give it with intention and gratitude.

3. Journal: Journaling is another great way to connect with the Horned God. Writing your thoughts and emotions can help you to gain clarity and understanding.

4. Meditation: Take some time to sit in silence and meditate. Connect with the energy of the Horned God, and ask him for guidance or to help you in your life.

The Horned God is definitely one of the most popular gods in the Wiccan religion. He is connected with many principles found in nature, and has the ability to bring transformation and healing. Wiccans often refer to this deity as their patron saint.

horned god from wicca

Creating a Horned God Altar

The second important aspect of worship is the creation of an altar. This is the center piece of your ritual and is meant to be sacred to your God or Goddess. It can be a simple table or a beautiful landscape. The altar can be whatever you want it to be. However, the basic concept is the same: a place where you connect with your deity and offer your gratitude for living in a world where you have the ability to connect with them.

How to create a Horned God altar:

horned god altar celtic wicca god

1. Choose a Space: Choose a space in your home that you can dedicate to your altar. This can be anywhere from a corner of your space to a dedicated altar or shrine.

2. Designate Items: There are a few items that you can designate to honor the Horned God. These can include horns, antlers, candles and crystals. Any symbols that you associate with the Horned God can be included on your altar, for example various animal horns or a small statue of a horned god.

3. Make Offerings: Make regular offerings to the Horned God. Offerings can be anything from food and drink to incense and oils. You can use grains, milk, mead, wine or fruits. Make sure to give your offerings with intention and gratitude.

4. Cleanse the Space: Cleanse the space of your altar regularly. This can be done with sage, incense, smoke or crystals.

The Horned God is a deity who was worshiped by many ancient cultures. He was a god of fertility and vegetation, and he was often associated with animals, fertility, power, strength, wilderness and strength. If you wish to worship this deity, you can do so by focusing on these ancient traits in nature and yourself.

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