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Ultimate Guide to Lenormand Cards: Discover the Meanings Behind Each Card

Reading Lenormand cards for yourself is an incredibly powerful and rewarding experience. It allows you to gain insight into the dynamics of your life, and the lives of those around you. You can use the cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future, and to better understand the influences that shape your life. With the help of Lenormand cards, you can gain clarity on difficult situations and make decisions that are in your best interest.

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Starlight Lenormand Independent deck

All images of the Lenormand cards are from our independently published "Starlight Lenormand" Deck.


Rider Lenormand Meaning

1. Rider

The Rider card represents movement, change, and progress. It can also represent communication, news, and messages.

The Rider card in Lenormand is a symbol of movement and communication. It's an invitation to take action and step into the unknown. The Rider card can represent a messenger or a literal journey or voyage. It could be a call to take the opportunity to go somewhere or start something new. It could also represent a change in environment or perspective. The Rider card is all about movement, so it could also be a sign to stop procrastinating and take action. It's a reminder to listen to your intuition, have faith in yourself, and take the steps needed to make your dreams a reality.

Clover Lenormand Meaning

2. Clover:

The Clover card typically relates to luck, success, and happiness. It can also represent new opportunities, hope, and faith.

The Clover card in the Lenormand deck is a powerful symbol of luck and fortune. It represents a happy and prosperous future, and suggests that good things will come to those who have faith and trust in the universe. The card is also associated with health, wealth, and good fortune. It can be interpreted as a sign of hope and optimism, and is often seen as a sign of good luck. In a reading, the Clover card can be interpreted as a sign of good luck, as well as a reminder to keep faith and trust in the universe. It can also be seen as a sign that success is imminent, and that the future is bright and full of potential.

Ship Lenormand Meaning

3. Ship:

The Ship card generally relates to travel, movement, and journeys. It can also represent progress and change.

The Ship card in Lenormand is a symbol of movement, progress and travel. It stands for journeys, both literal and metaphorical, and can represent a need to break free from the status quo, to explore new horizons and to experience change. The card can refer to physical travel, such as a trip or vacation, as well as emotional and spiritual journeys. It can refer to a need for change and new experiences, as well as an opportunity to take risks and move forward in life. In a reading, the Ship card can suggest that it is time to take action and move out of your comfort zone, or it can be a sign that an exciting journey is ahead.

House Lenormand meaning

4. House:

The House card usually signals stability, security, and the home. It can also represent safety, structure, and family.

The House card in Lenormand is a powerful symbol that can refer to many things. It symbolizes the home, either the physical home or the internal sense of safety. It can refer to a person's inner self, their identity, and their sense of self-worth. It can also represent a physical building, such as a house, apartment, or other structure. In addition, the card can refer to family, either your own family or the family of someone else. Finally, the House card can also represent finances, wealth, and material possessions. As you can see, the House card in Lenormand has a wide range of meanings, all of which can be explored and interpreted to gain insight into various aspects of life.

Tree Lenormand Meaning

5. Tree:

The Tree card often symbolizes growth, health, and strength. It can also represent stability, nourishment, and wisdom.

The Tree card in the Lenormand Oracle is one of the most meaningful cards in the deck. It is a representation of strength, stability, and growth. It encourages us to find balance in our lives and to focus on making sure that our goals are strong and rooted in reality. It also speaks to the importance of taking care of our physical and mental health and being mindful of our environment. The card is a reminder to be mindful of our choices and to make sure that we are growing in the right direction. It is a reminder that with effort and patience, we can achieve our goals. The Tree card encourages us to remain strong and to continue striving towards our goals, no matter how challenging they may seem.

Clouds Lenormand Meaning

6. Clouds:

The Clouds card typically signifies confusion, uncertainty, and the unknown. It can also represent delays, obstacles, and a lack of clarity.

The Clouds card in Lenormand is a symbol of confusion and doubt. It can indicate a time of uncertainty, when it is difficult to make decisions or see clearly. It can also indicate a period of inner turmoil, when a person is feeling overwhelmed by their thoughts and emotions. The card can also imply a lack of direction or motivation to achieve goals. In combination with other cards, the Clouds card can also represent a need to stay grounded and look for solutions. It is important to remember that the clouds can dissipate and the sun can shine again. With the right guidance, the confusion and doubt can be overcome, and clarity and peace can be found.

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Snake Lenormand Meaning

7. Snake:

The Snake card generally relates to deception, secrets, and hidden agendas. It can also represent seduction, temptation, and manipulation.

In Lenormand, the snake card is a fascinating symbol of transformation and renewal. It stands for a creative force that can bring about change and growth. The snake encourages you to look within and reflect on how you can move forward in life. It can also represent the shedding of old patterns and habits that no longer serve you, allowing for a new beginning. The snake card can also represent temptation and seduction, as well as the power of words, so it’s important to be mindful of how you communicate with others. When the snake card appears in a Lenormand reading, it’s a reminder to be open to transformation and to be aware of the power of your words.

coffin Lenormand Meaning

8. Coffin:

The Coffin card usually symbolizes endings, losses, and transitions. It can also represent death, transformation, and closure.

The Coffin card in Lenormand is an interesting one, representing both endings and beginnings. It is often seen as a sign that something must end in order for something new to start. It could symbolize the death of an old way of life, like the end of a job or a relationship, or it could even be a literal death of a friend or loved one. It can also symbolize a period of rest or hibernation, a time to pause before moving forward. It is important to remember that although the Coffin card can be seen as a sign of sadness, it is ultimately a card of hope and renewal – a reminder that new beginnings can follow even the darkest of times.

bouquet Lenormand Meaning

9. Bouquet:

The Bouquet card typically relates to abundance, joy, and celebration. It can also represent beauty, friendship, and appreciation.

The Lenormand bouquet card is a powerful symbol of beauty, joy, and the fragility of life. It is a reminder to pause and appreciate the beauty and joy in our lives. The bouquet card is associated with relationships and the potential for growth. It can also refer to celebration or a gathering. The card symbolizes the potential for abundance, fertility, and joyfulness in our lives. It can be a sign of a new beginning, a fresh start, and a renewed sense of purpose. The bouquet card also encourages us to take stock of our relationships and to appreciate the beauty in them. Ultimately, it is a reminder to take time out to enjoy the beauty and joy in our lives and to take the time to appreciate the little things.

scythe Lenormand Meaning

10. Scythe:

The Scythe card generally symbolizes cutting ties, endings, and losses. It can also represent change, transitions, and separations.

The scythe card in Lenormand is a symbol of endings, reaping what has been sown and consequences of decisions made. It stands for the inevitability of change and the end of cycles. It can represent a cutting away of what has become redundant in order to make room for something new. It can also suggest that it is time to take action and make difficult decisions. Overall, it can be seen as a warning to prepare for the inevitable and to take responsibility for the outcomes of one’s decisions. It is a reminder that life is full of cycles, and that endings are necessary for new beginnings.

whip Lenormand Meaning

11. Whip:

The Whip card often signifies discipline, control, and accountability. It can also represent punishment, domination, and power struggles.

The Whip card in Lenormand is a symbol of warning and caution, telling you that you must be prepared to move quickly and decisively. It can indicate that you should be ready to act and make decisions in a hurry, as well as to take risks. It can represent either a physical or emotional need to move forward, but it can also be a sign that you are being pushed too hard and that you need to take a step back. The Whip can also indicate that you should be prepared to stand up for yourself and to take control of a situation. In a reading, it can be a sign that you are being influenced or manipulated by someone or something, and that you need to take action to protect yourself. In short, the Whip card is a reminder to stay alert and take charge of your own destiny.

birds Lenormand Meaning

12. Birds:

The Birds card typically relates to communication, news, and messages. It can also represent gossip, rumors, and conversations.

The "birds" card in Lenormand is a symbol of communication, news, and gossip. It is often thought of as a card of good tidings, as it suggests that the querent is receiving information that can help them in their endeavors. The card could also signify a meeting or conversation of some kind, whether with someone known to the querent or a stranger. The card can also indicate that the querent is being warned of potential dangers that could arise from being too trusting or from putting too much faith in unreliable sources. Whatever the case, the birds card is a sign that something is about to change, and that the querent should take caution.

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child Lenormand Meaning

13. Child:

The Child card usually symbolizes innocence, optimism, and potential. It can also represent new beginnings, hope, and promise.

The "Child" card in Lenormand is symbolic of innocence, freshness and potential. It is said to represent a young person, either male or female, but it may also signify newness and the beginnings of a project or journey. It can represent a literal child, an aspect of yourself that is still young and growing, or a project or endeavor that is just beginning. The card can also signify a naïve outlook or a lack of experience. It can be a reminder to approach life and its challenges with an open and curious mind. All in all, the "Child" card in Lenormand stands for innocence, growth and potential.

fox Lenormand Meaning

14. Fox:

The Fox card generally relates to cunning, wit, and deception. It can also represent trickery, cleverness, and manipulation.

The fox card in Lenormand is a symbol of cunning and intelligence. It is a sign of trickery, of being able to think quickly and outside the box. It is also a reminder that wisdom is not always found in books and that there is more than one way to tackle a problem. It is a reminder to be wary of people who may not have our best interests at heart and to remain vigilant. The fox card also serves as a reminder to think before acting, as haste can lead to mistakes. Ultimately, the fox card represents the power of being able to think and act smartly, no matter the situation.

bear Lenormand Meaning

15. The Bear:

The Bear card often symbolizes strength, power, and protection. It can also represent stability, resources, and financial security.

The "bear" card in Lenormand is a symbol of power, strength, and courage. It reflects the inner strength of a person, their ability to make decisions, stand up for themselves, and take control of their life. The bear can also be a sign of financial success and stability. As a card of protection, it speaks of a strong, supportive foundation that is necessary for success. When the bear appears in a reading, it is often a reminder to stay focused and stay on top of things. It is also a sign that it is time to take control of the situation and move forward. The bear Lenormand card is a powerful symbol of protection and strength and should be taken seriously.

star Lenormand Meaning

16. The Star:

The Star card typically relates to hope, inspiration, and faith. It can also represent luck, destiny, and spiritual guidance.

The Star card in Lenormand is a card of hope, optimism, and faith. It is a reminder that things can always get better and that the future is filled with potential. The Star card signifies a time of new beginnings, a period when the sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless. It is associated with good luck, spiritual protection, and the ability to manifest dreams and goals. This card encourages us to take a leap of faith and to trust that our dreams and desires can come true. It can also symbolize a positive change in our life, a period of growth, and a time when we can shine our light on the world.

stock Lenormand Meaning

17. The Stork:

The Stork card generally symbolizes transitions, transformation, and movement. It can also represent change, progress, and renewal.

The stork card in Lenormand is a symbol of progress and new beginnings. It often indicates forward movement, change and growth. This card speaks of a new chapter in life, a new start, or a period of transition. It can represent a journey of some kind, a relocation or a new job, as well as the beginning of a new project. The stork can also signify pregnancies, both literal and figurative, such as creative projects, ideas, or business ventures. It is a card of hope and optimism, encouraging you to move forward and embrace the changes that life brings.

dog Lenormand Meaning

18. The Dog:

The Dog card usually relates to loyalty, friendship, and support. It can also represent companionship, faithfulness, and reliability.

The "dog" card in Lenormand is a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness. It can refer to a person who is loyal and supportive, or a situation that requires dedication and commitment. The card can also refer to a strong connection between two people, as a dog is a faithful companion. The card can also represent a teacher or mentor, as a dog can be seen as a source of guidance. Additionally, the card can point to a situation where protection or security is needed. The "dog" card in Lenormand is a reminder that loyalty and faithfulness are integral parts of any meaningful relationship.

tower Lenormand Meaning

19. The Tower:

The Tower card typically symbolizes structure, protection, and security. It can also represent obstacles, isolation, and confinement.

The meaning of the “tower” card in Lenormand is quite distinct from that of Tarot cards. In Lenormand, the tower card symbolizes a powerful and influential structure, such as a government institution, a church, a business, or even a family. It may also signify a hierarchy or a power structure in which the individual is enmeshed. Furthermore, the card could also denote a certain rigidity or a lack of flexibility when it comes to alternative solutions. In addition, the card could represent a person’s ability to take a stand or to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. In short, the tower card in Lenormand conveys the idea of a strong, unyielding structure or institution.

garden Lenormand Meaning

20. The Garden:

The Garden card often signifies abundance, community,joy, and celebration. It can also represent fertility, growth, and potential.

The garden card in the Lenormand deck is a symbol of pleasure and relaxation. It can indicate that now is the time for you to take a break, or it can suggest that you spend some time in nature to clear your head. It can also represent a place of community, family, and connection with others. The card may suggest that it's time to enjoy life and the good things that come with it. Alternatively, it could be a sign to look for more beauty and peace in your life. The garden card is a reminder to take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful things in life.

mountain Lenormand Meaning

21. The Mountain:

The Mountain card generally relates to obstacles, delays, and blockages. It can also represent stagnation, fear, and difficulty.

The Mountain card in a Lenormand deck is a symbol of stillness, stability and strength. It can represent a spiritual journey, an obstacle to overcome or a mountain of work. It can also signify taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life for some peace and quiet. This card can be interpreted as a warning against taking on too much or being too ambitious, as the mountain may be too high to climb. It can also signify a pause in progress, perhaps due to something out of our control. The mountain can also represent a challenge that needs to be faced and conquered. In a spiritual context, it may be about finding inner strength and courage to move forward. Ultimately, the Mountain card in Lenormand decks is a reminder that obstacles can be overcome if we have the courage and determination to do so.

crossroad Lenormand Meaning

22. The Crossroad:

The Crossroads card typically symbolizes choices, decisions, and paths. It can also represent uncertainty, confusion, and options.

The Crossroad card in a Lenormand deck is a symbol of choices and decisions. It stands for a point in a person's life when they have to make an important decision, and it can represent a crossroads in a literal or figurative sense. It can refer to the need to make a choice between two paths, or to a more abstract situation in which a person must make a decision that will have long-term consequences. It can also represent a time of indecision, when a person is struggling to choose between two or more options. This card can also be a sign of confusion and uncertainty, or a warning to take the time to assess different possibilities before making a commitment.

mice Lenormand Meaning

23. The Mice:

The Mice card usually relates to losses, destruction, and misfortune. It can also represent theft, waste, and material losses.

The Mice card in a Lenormand deck is often seen as a warning of potential loss or misfortune. This card is typically associated with a period of stress or difficulty, and may indicate that a situation is not fully under control. It also suggests that a person should be careful to avoid any risks or possible dangers, as they may lead to a negative outcome. The Mice card indicates that it is important to remain alert and cautious in order to avoid any potential losses or misfortunes. It is also a reminder to be aware of the potential consequences of any decisions made, as they could lead to an unfavorable outcome.

heart Lenormand Meaning

24. The Heart:

The Heart card typically symbolizes love, romance, and relationships. It can also represent joy, compassion, and emotional connections.

The heart is one of the most important cards in Lenormand readings. It is associated with all matters of the heart, from romance and love to compassion, kindness and empathy. It can symbolise any kind of relationship, from romantic to familial, or even a close friendship. It can also indicate a strong emotional bond or connection between two or more people. In a Lenormand reading, the heart card suggests that the querent is in a positive emotional state and open to giving and receiving love. It can also signify a desire for a deeper connection or understanding between two people. The heart card is a reminder that we can find joy and peace in our relationships and that we should strive to nurture them.

ring Lenormand Meaning

25. The Ring:

The Ring card often signifies commitment, marriage, and unions. It can also represent partnerships, contracts, and agreements.

The Ring card in Lenormand is a representation of binding, commitment and marriage. It implies a union between two people or two things - such as a business partnership or a relationship. It can also signify a binding agreement or contract, such as a wedding or a job contract. The Ring card in Lenormand is associated with loyalty, love, and stability. It suggests that two people or things are in harmony and have a strong bond. It is a symbol of long-term commitment and is often seen as a sign of a successful marriage. The Ring card in Lenormand is also associated with a sense of security and protection, suggesting that the couple or partnership is one that is strong and lasting.

book Lenormand Meaning

26. The Book:

The Book card generally relates to knowledge, learning, and education. It can also represent secrets, mysteries, and hidden information.

The Book card in Lenormand is a powerful symbol of education and knowledge. It stands for intellectual growth, learning, and education in general. It can also indicate that a person needs to read and study to achieve their goals. The Book card is also associated with writing, communication, and language. It can signify a need to read and interpret the messages that other people are trying to convey. Additionally, it can represent a teacher or mentor who will help a person learn and grow. Finally, the Book card can point to the importance of reading and studying books, as knowledge is essential for growth.

letter Lenormand Meaning

27. The Letter:

The Letter card typically symbolizes communication, news, and messages. It can also represent documents, agreements, and announcements.

The letter card in Lenormand is representative of a literal letter, communication or message. It can signify that your life is about to receive news, an invitation, a proposal or an answer. The letter can also symbolize a written agreement, contract, or a document that needs to be signed. The letter can be an indication of news arriving via email, letter, text or call. It can also symbolize a need to write or express yourself in some way. The letter card in Lenormand can also symbolize a need to take action. It can be a sign that you need to speak up for yourself or express yourself in a more direct way.

man Lenormand Meaning

28. The Man:

The Man card in Lenormand is an important symbol, representing a male figure in a variety of capacities.


It can signify a husband, father, brother, son, friend, colleague, lover, or any other man of significance in a person's life. In a reading, the Man card can represent an existing male figure or an upcoming one. It can represent a masculine energy that is currently present or one that is on its way. The card can also be a sign of a successful business venture or a successful man-to-man relationship.

woman Lenormand Meaning

29. The Woman:

The Woman card typically symbolizes femininity, intuition, and sensitivity. It can also represent relationships, emotions, and nurturing.

The Woman card in Lenormand is a powerful card that has a multitude of meanings depending on the context. It can stand for a woman in the literal sense, or it can also signify a feminine energy, such as creativity and sensitivity. It can also mean motherhood and nurturing, as well as the potential for success and accomplishment. Additionally, it can symbolize emotional and spiritual maturity, as well as a sense of independence and inner strength. In a reading, the Woman card can represent the querent, someone close to them, or an individual who may be influencing the situation.

lily Lenormand Meaning

30. The Lily:

The Lily card often signifies purity, innocence, and virtue. It can also represent truth, faith, and spiritual awareness.

The "lily" card in Lenormand readings is a powerful symbol of grace and beauty. It speaks of a time of spiritual growth, and suggests that you seek peace and harmony. It is a sign of innocence and a reminder to take care of your spiritual health. The lily card can also mean that you are in the midst of a transition and should make the most of it. This card can also symbolize a desire to connect with your higher self, and to tap into your inner wisdom. It can bring clarity and insight, and can be a reminder to nurture yourself and find beauty in everything.

sun Lenormand Meaning

31. The Sun:

The Sun card generally relates to joy, success, and happiness. It can also represent optimism, vitality, and good fortune.

The Sun card in Lenormand reading is seen as a symbol of success, joy, warmth, and happiness. It is a time of abundance, creativity, and illumination. When this card appears in a reading, it indicates that warm and positive energies are coming your way. You are likely to experience periods of success, joy, and prosperity. This card can also represent a feeling of contentment and fulfillment. It is a reminder to be open to the possibilities of life and to live in the moment. The Sun card is a reminder to focus on the positive aspects of life and enjoy the present moment.

moon Lenormand Meaning

32. The Moon:

The Moon card usually symbolizes intuition, imagination, and dreams. It can also represent mystery, deception, and the unknown.

The moon card in is one of the most powerful cards in the deck, and it can represent a variety of complex concepts. Generally, it indicates a time of sudden change and transformation, when things that were hidden come to light. It can also signify a period of confusion, as we’re forced to confront unexpected events or emotions. The moon card can also be interpreted as a warning to be careful and pay attention to our instincts. It can also represent a moment of clarity and insight, when our intuition is strong and we need to trust it. The moon is a reminder of our inner strength and power, and how important it is to pay attention to the signs around us.

key Lenormand Meaning

33. The Key:

The Key card typically relates to unlocking potential, unlocking secrets, and unlocking opportunities. It can also represent answers, solutions, and knowledge.

The meaning of the "key" card in Lenormand is that of unlocking secrets, discovering hidden knowledge, and achieving success. It is often seen as a symbol of understanding and unlocking the mysteries of life. It can also signify the need to be open-minded, to look further than what is immediately presented and to uncover the hidden potential within. The key card also speaks of unlocking potential, breaking through barriers and limitations, and of having the courage to take risks. It can also signify the need to open oneself up to new experiences, and to be willing to take a chance and see where it leads. The key card in Lenormand is an encouragement to take the initiative and pursue one's dreams and aspirations.

fish Lenormand Meaning

34. The Fish:

The Fish card often symbolizes abundance, wealth, and prosperity. It can also represent emotions, intuition, and hidden depths.

The fish card is a symbol of positive energy, prosperity and abundance. It can represent financial and spiritual wealth and can be a sign of success, good fortune and material gain. It can also signify a journey or a new project. The fish card can be interpreted as a sign of fertility and creativity, as it is often associated with the idea of abundance and abundance of ideas. It can also indicate a period of transition and growth.

anchor Lenormand Meaning

35. The Anchor:

The Anchor card generally relates to stability, security, and grounding. It can also represent safety, commitment, and long-term plans.

The Anchor card is an important card in the Lenormand deck. It is usually associated with stability, security and having a sense of grounding. It often symbolizes an emotional connection to a person or place that provides us with a sense of security. It can also mean that one is feeling stuck in a situation, and needs to take some time to evaluate before making any changes. As a card, it is a reminder to stay grounded and secure in what we have, while also being willing to make changes and explore new possibilities. The Anchor card is a reminder that while stability is important, it is also important to be open to change and to allow ourselves to grow and explore.

cross Lenormand Meaning

36. The Cross:

The Cross symbolizes a difficult situation or an obstacle that needs to be faced. This card is interpreted as a warning that a challenge or hardship awaits the querent and that the only way to progress is to take a stand and address the obstacle head-on.

The Cross card in Lenormand is an important card. It represents challenges and obstacles that must be overcome in order to reach one's goals. It can also represent a difficult decision that needs to be made, or a sudden change of direction. Additionally, the Cross card can indicate being stuck in a difficult situation, or even stagnation. It is a sign to take a step back and evaluate the situation before making any decisions. Overall, the Cross card is a reminder that life is full of obstacles, and that one must be resilient and persistent in order to succeed.

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