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Past Life Regression Course

Are you interested in learning how to conduct a past life regression session on yourself and others? Our Past Life Regression Course is designed to help you unlock the powerful benefits of unlocking the past to understand the present. With our course, you'll learn how to conduct a safe and effective past life regression session, and gain insight into how your past experiences are influencing your current life. You will gain the knowledge and skills to help yourself and others unlock the mysteries of the past, and unlock pathways to personal and spiritual growth.

past life regression
Our course will guide you through each step of the process, from the basics of past life regression to advanced techniques, so that you can confidently and safely help yourself and others explore the hidden depths of their lives.

Past Life Regression is a hypnotherapy-style session that leads the individual into their past life memories in order to help them find the missing puzzle piece that they need to be able to emotionally heal, find closure, or gain insight from long lost wisdom. It can be incredible help in removing internal obstacles.

past life evaluation sheet
This course includes a beautiful, downloadable Session Evaluation Sheet for your Sessions and a printable Cheat Sheet with scripted, fail-proof questions so that you never go blank during a session again.

In this course, you will learn, step-by-step, how to conduct a Past Life Regression Session, and what you will need to do in order to become an excellent Past Life Regression Practitioner.

If you would like to experience a Past Life Regression Session yourself, this course also includes a professionally recorded, downloadable Past Life Regression Guided Meditation that will lead you through a session with ease, even if you don't have any previous experience, so you can experience the same benefits from it like from a professional session.

In this Past Life Regression course you will find:

⭐ Close to 3 hours of practical video lessons

⭐ A beautiful Downloadable Session Evaluation Sheet

⭐ A scripted, fail-proof Cheat Sheet to help guide you through sessions

⭐ Learn how to deal with difficult emotional situations during the session

⭐ Learn how to induce a light trance state - yourself and on others

⭐ Downloadable Guided Meditation for experiencing the Regression on yourself.

⭐ Learn how to precisely analyze data from a Past Life Regression session

This course is primarily made for two types of people, one who would like to become a Past Life Regression Practitioner,so they can help others, friends, or even paid clients on their journey into their past life and second, who would like to learn how to do the regression on themselves, without the help of a therapist.

past life regression course

All of our courses are certified video courses with manually issued e-certificates.

Join the class today and let's start this exciting adventure together! : )


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