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Clairsentience Meaning, Definition and Training

clairsentience meaning definition

Clairsentience meaning, as the term suggests, refers to clear sensing or feeling. It's an incredible psychic ability that allows individuals to receive intuitive messages through feelings, sensations, and emotional experiences. We could also call it emotional knowledge. Sounds cool, right? Imagine walking into a room and being able to sense the energy and emotions that are present there. So, let's dive deeper into what is clairsentience and clairsentient meaning.

To define clairsentience, it's like having a sixth sense that provides you with information about people, places, objects or events that isn't available through the traditional five senses.

But wait, there's more! The clairsentience meaning extends beyond just emotions and feelings. So, what is clairsentient? It can also include physical sensations like a sudden chill, feeling a touch when no one is near, or even a change in temperature.

So, as to the question of what is a clairsentient, you may perceive energy and vibrations subconsciously, receive psychic messages through emotions rather than seeing images or hearing voices, and sense emotional undertones around people, places, or things.

How Does Clairsentience Feel?

Beyond our clairsentient definition, identifying clairsentience within oneself can be tricky. In order to define clairsentient, we have to truly understand, through experience, and ask ourselves: "what does clairsentience mean?" Often, people with this psychic ability may unknowingly use it throughout their lives without realizing it. They may experience immediate feelings or physical reactions to certain circumstances, changing their mood or causing discomfort.

Regular meditation practices can help to enhance your clairsentience by having more awareness and, thus, sensitivity towards your feelings and the energy around you. Pay close attention to the physical sensations in your body and the emotions that arise in different situations.

Clairsentience is like an amplified version of intuition. While everyone experiences gut feelings occasionally, clairsentients constantly experience emotional pangs of intuition. This psychic sense can often lead to strong reactions to different forms of energy.

Now, you might be wondering - Can I become clairsentient too? The answer is YES!

Just like any skill, you can develop clairsentience with practice and training. It starts with acknowledging your feelings and intuitions as valid information rather than dismissing them.

Clairsentience Vs Empathy: Spot the Difference

So now that we have our definition of clairsentience, if we take apart the word, we find clair (clear) and sentience (feeling). Just like the other clair abilities: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairgustance (clear taste), and clairalience (clear smell). While clairsentients and empaths share the ability to feel and absorb the emotions of others, there is a distinction between the two. Clairsentients not only absorb emotions but also derive insights from these feelings. They can perceive the emotional state of places, objects, or intangible energy with their clairsentient abilities.

An empath, on the other hand, absorbs emotions without necessarily understanding them. They might not be able to infer information or predict outcomes based on their empathetic reading of a situation.

Clairsentience Vs Claircognizance: The Two Psychic Faculties

clairsentience meaning and definition

While clairsentience is about deriving answers and clarity through feelings and emotions, being claircognizant is another clair that loosely translates as "clear-knowing," and is about having logical, factual knowledge separate from emotions. It's possible to possess both these psychic senses, although each clair often manifests at different times and one usually precedes the other.

Practices like astrology and tarot can benefit from clairsentience. When synthesizing a birth chart or conducting a tarot reading, clairsentients can feel whether the interpretation is correct.

Signs of Clairsentience - How to tell you are getting psychic impressions

  1. Extreme sensitivity to feelings and psychic energy

  2. Strong gut feelings about people, situations or places

  3. Ability to detect lies

  4. Sensing feelings more than details during past life regression

  5. Emotional memory

  6. Sensing the feelings of spirits more than the other clair abilities (such as clairaudience - psychic hearing)

  7. Knowing when an idea feels wrong without knowing why

  8. Sensing energy when visiting different places

  9. Feeling uncomfortable in some older buildings for no apparent reason

  10. Feeling uncomfortable around certain people with no apparent reason

  11. Being physically sensitive to energy

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Clairsentience Training: Developing Your Abilities

Developing clairsentience requires practice and understanding. Here are a few methods to enhance your clairsentience:

  • Work on Your Solar Plexus Chakra: Enhancing this chakra can strengthen your clairsentience.

  • Journal About Your Feelings: This can help translate your psychic senses into something understandable to others.

  • Connect With Your Spirit Guides Through Emotions: Communicating with your spirit guides through emotions can improve your clairsentience.

  • Cleansing Regularly: Regular cleansing can help reset your energy and clear out any stagnant emotions.

  • Practice Reading the Emotions of Others: This can help you better understand the emotional energy around you.

  • Practice Picking Up on the Emotional Imprints of Objects: Objects often carry emotional imprints or residues. Practicing sensing these imprints can enhance your clairsentience.

  • Meditation: Specific meditations can help develop your clairsentience.

Even Clairsentience has its own Challangess…

  1. Like any psychic sense, clairsentience comes with its advantages and drawbacks. It allows you to immediately sense whether something feels good or bad. However, it doesn't provide you with the exact steps to rectify a situation. You'll have to guess until you find an answer that feels right.

  2. Another challenge is communicating your feelings to others. However, understanding the psychology of emotions can help you explain your feelings more accurately.

  3. Clairsentience is a difficult psychic ability to "switch off”, as emotions comes straight from subconscious, so they can come faster than conscious mind can control them. As a result you will get a lot of insight you “did not particularly asked for”

Training in clairsentience is indeed an exciting journey of self-discovery that can open up a whole new world of perceptions for you. It's like having an additional layer of understanding about the universe and our place in it.

Astrid "The Psychic Witch"

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